James Bond Style USB Thumbdrive - IronKey

Oct 07 2007


I have been looking around for a good secure USB key/Software solution for quite awhile. I have used TrueCrypt for years and it works great for what it does. But I wanted more. One watch of the IronKey demo and believe me, you will want one.

They are quite pricey at $149 ($37.25/Gig) for the 4 gig model, so I did a bit of research before I took the plunge. Everything I read for the most part was good. Now that I have the device I must agree, it is a great solution to many peoples problems. My only gripe is that you can’t add shortcuts to the management interface. Not a big deal, but makes the interface pretty useless besides manageing the device, backups, etc. If you are looking for a USB drive to carry on your keychain everywhere you go… this might currently be your best solution. Here are some pictures of the drive.
IronKey IronKey
IronKey IronKey
The HD Tach results are pretty good for a USB2 thumb drive. I will post my current workstation specs soon. For more information, Digital Reviews has a great IronKey review.